She has been with us since February 2021, she has more than 10 years of experience within the equestrian world. Cássia is essential for the team, she takes care of the horses' daily care, like supplying their food, put them in the paddocks, hand-walk them, and always ensuring their well-being and physical conditiona.

"He is always on time and very respectful"

Sacha Spilette


In the last year Sacha has been the official blacksmith of the entire team without any doubt. With a lot of experience and an outstanding performance, he is always ready for everything. 

"Armand wants to know every detail when I am shoeing the horses"


Mas de Vallalta 

Our foals have been living in Mas de Vallalta since 2019. A place where the focus is on the well-being of the horse, both physical and mental. Ours are in freedom where they enjoy large areas for rest and relaxation.

Espai Harmonia 

In the interior of Catalonia Espai Harmonia takes care of our young horses for a good competitive development. It is a place where they accompany each of their horses. Therefore, they adapt as best as possible to changes, they live in a privileged environment with a paddock adapted to their needs.