Armand Congregado 

Armand Congregado is a Spanish show jumping rider. His passion for riding started when he was only 5 years old in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Training daily, he began to participate in national competitions at the age of 14. Over the next few years Armand trained with top instructors; Laura Durbà, Eduardo Via Dufresne and Oliver Singleton. 

2013 was a year of real progress for Armand. He started working as a rider for Cristino Torres, his current trainer at that time. During the next two years, Armand won 2nd and 3rd place at the Catalan Championships in the young rider's category. Margareth Mollet also trained Armand in his last years of his career in Spain. 

From 2017 Armand moved to Belgium to Kristoff Cleeren's stable as first rider, taking part in the World championship of Young horses. A year and a half later he joined Stephex Stables at Petronella Andersson's team. 

2021 Armand Congregado decided to start on his own. 

Sporting and Professional Experience

Early Years

2000-2007 Sport, started horse riding at Sant Cugat del Vallés Equestrian Center and had his first contact with equestrian jumping.
2007-2009 Sport, trained dressage with the national and international champion Laura Durbà.
2009-2011 Sport, specialized in equestrian jumping with the international Eventing rider Eduardo Vía Dufresne.
2011-2012 Sport, Armand trained show jumping with international rider Oliver Singleton.

Sports and Professional Career

Sport, he trained with the international coach Cristino Torres, who was highly valued by Armand and who also coached during fifteen years in the international Club Casas Novas in La Coruña, Spain.

Professional, he was Cristino's main rider at the Real Club of Polo from Barcelona.
Sport, he did dressage clinics with the German trainer Raplh-Michael Rash.

Sport, trained with Margareth Mollet, Swiss equestrian show jumping trainer, at the Open Club of Barcelona. 

Professional, leading rider of the Beligan elite athlete Kristof Cleeren, in Herk-de-Stad Belgium. 

Professional, equestrian showjumper at Stephex Stables with Petronella Anderson's team, Brussels Belgium. 

2021-Present Armand decided to set out on his own.

Achievments and Competitions

2017 "WBFSH" World Breeding Jumping Championship Young horses 6y/o. Lanken, Belgium.

2016 6º  - Catalonia Championship for young riders. Barcelona

2015 3rd - Catalonia Championship for young riders. Barcelona
           3rd - Catalonia Championship for young horses, 6y/o. Barcelona

2014 2nd - Catalonia Championship for young riders. Barcelona
           2nd - Catalonia Championship for young horses, 5y/o. Barcelona